ASL Week Three (notes)


Have you ever heard the phrase: “deaf and dumb”? It’s something that we used to say because the definition of dumb was “without speech” or mute. “Deaf mute” is another term that has been used to describe deaf people. It is an archaic description and usually is taken with offense by a deaf person. Deafness does not affect the brain’s ability to think or function. And many deaf and hard of hearing people can speak (their vocal chords are not damaged) but choose not to. It’s difficult to speak without being able to hear the word spoken. Much of our language is in the throat or uses the tongue…there’s a lot going on behind the “scene” of the lips! And it’s not just about reading lips. They say that only about 40 percent of the English language is visible on the lips. It’s difficult to master something that is auditory without the ability to hear it. If you meet a deaf person, they are just a “deaf” or “hard of hearing” person. No need to add the “dumb” or “mute”….

Introduce the Five Parameters (Hand shape, Orientation, Location, Movement, Non-manual Markers)

Today we are going to learn the signs for male and female and then all the derivatives of that: man, woman, husband, wife, etc…

Here is the answer key for our quick quiz:

AnswerKey WK3

Numbers 21-30, 40, 50

Our conversational phrase today is: Do you know sign language??

Add a few courtesies here (please, thank you, I am sorry. Excuse me, bless you.)

Signs we learned today: Numbers 20,30,40,50; male, female, man, woman, mom, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin. Courtesies.


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