There are so many sign language programs out there. Why choose mine? I love American Sign Language (ASL). I love kids, too, and seem to have a way with them – keeping them engaged in the learning of ASL- and making it fun.

I attended California State University Northridge (CSUN) located in Northridge, CA., where the National Center on Deafness has its headquarters http://www.csun.edu/ncod. I was an interpreter on campus while I attended school and then worked for the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD) http://www.gladinc.org. I later moved to Anchorage, Alaska where I was an interpreter at West Anchorage High School.

I am not an interpreter any more. But I did end up being a homeschool mom to two terrific sons.  I have seen a lot of curriculum and materials. Some of it is good and some….well, not so good. One thing I have noticed is that it is hard to learn sign language from a book. The signs are usually drawn and not photographed, and they are flat, so it’s difficult to see their true form.  I was once an assistant in a sign language class taught at a local coop,  and the teacher of the class was teaching out of a book and was making some of the signs incorrectly. That’s when I decided I would love to do a videotaped sign language class. The language is beautiful and descriptive, and evocative and fun.  I have built a 12-week curriculum that I am using to teach kids how to sign. I am not yet able to offer the videotaped portion, but in conjuction with a classroom portion, this blog serves to reinforce and clarify the day’s lesson. I have discovered that the kids learn English parts of speech while they are learning American Sign Language, which has been a great byproduct of the class. By the end of the 12 weeks, the students know their nouns from their verbs; do a better  job identifying adjectives and adverbs; and they have enjoyed learning sign language. We play telephone, and hangman, too. We draw pictures and have some fun conversations. I hope you can join us. Contact me here to sign up for a future class.


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