Bible Verses in ASL

Find the specific verse you are looking for in the drop down menu and click on each title to see a short video.


Exodus 14:14 

Genesis 18:14 

Exodus 20:12 

James 1:19 

Luke 5:31-32 

29 comments on “Bible Verses in ASL

    • Hello Julie,
      I am so sorry that I didn’t get to this. I was just looking through because I had some recent questions and saw this. I hope you got a good answer. But just in case, I just recorded this on YouTube “Colossians 3:23 American Sign Language”….always remember that you want to fully translate the verse into its purest meaning and not do a word for word transliteration.

  1. Hi there, I’m wanting to present Colossians 3:3 to a group of women who speak Nepali. I wish to show them in sign… as it is really nice visual from my memory. But I’m not sure of the signs. Could you possibly create a video or point me to where I could find one? The women thank you, Sarah from

  2. I am teaching a community bible study class and we are using ASL to sign Exodus 3:14. Would you be able to help with that?

    • Hi Tiffany. I am happy to help. The interesting thing about ASL is there is no “to be” verbs. No “state of being” verbs (is, am, are, etc…) so I AM THAT I AM is definitely a challenge. Think about it as a concept of THIS is ME. There is no question, no specific description. It’s just ME. So…in the video, I try and go through that explanation. I hope it is helpful. Thanks for looking me up!

  3. Hi Joy! Thank you for the Bible verses! I teach Sunday School and am using ASL to teach memory verses. Could you please post a video of Isaiah 9:6? I would love to teach my students this verse during the month of November! Thank you!

    • I will try and do this tomorrow. “Government on his shoulders”….I looked up many different translations for that today and in essence, it means “run the world” or “care for the world”….I think. (LOL) It’s hard sometimes to really get to the meaning. Will post tomorrow.

  4. I am trying to learn Philippians 1:27 for a leadership convention that our church is involved in. Can you help?

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