ASL Week Twelve (notes)

If you truly only have 12 weeks, then this week would be reserved for the final exam.

But if you have time for one more class, here it is:  Remember, there is no way to include everything in a 12-week class. Languages, especially, will feel “incomplete”….you’ll think to yourself: “Well, I can’t really sign a whole conversation yet.”  I don’t know enough words.”  ” I don’t know how to say __________.” American Sign Language is a complex and gorgeous language. There are nuances and techniques that come with time. Remember that you have to give yourself time. To help yourself along,  watch deaf people signing or performing. Try to find  deaf people at your local community college; or through a local church or civic group. Many times there is a deaf club or a sign language club that meets monthly.

In the “LINKS” section, I included an online sign language dictionary. If there is a particular word you need to know, look it up here. And don’t forget about those dear and funny CODA BROTHERS. They are very animated signers and have great stories to tell about growing up in a deaf household.

Conversational phrase:

Signs we learned today: Introduce a few foods (hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, cake, soda pop, meat, eggs) Pets (cat, dog, horse, etc…) and other animals (cow, pig, snake, etc)


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