ASL Week Ten (notes)


Today we are going to talk about hand shapes and learn how many of the signs we have learned can be described by their handshape. Examples “g-hand shape” “x-hand shape” “bent 5 hand shape”

Quiz: phrases and classifiers answerkey-wk10

Our conversational phrase for today: Where is the bathroom? (Not a real conversation starter, but necessary nevertheless.)

Signs we learned today:  places (house, home, school, office, room, jail (you never know….hehe), building, college, city, state. United States of America, Europe, Africa, Canada, etc. Learn monetary denominations: (1 cent, nickel, dime, quarter, $1, etc.)

Deaf culture: Do not feel sorry for deaf people. They are simply having a different life experience than you. They are not sitting around pining for  a good set of ears. Their ears look fine and they have just found another-and some say-better way to communicate. American Sign Language is a rich and evocative language. It is incredibly descriptive and I find myself something signing something that I simply cannot describe using English. Do not feel sorry for deaf people and try to save them. They are doing just fine. What they would prefer is that you just get to know them as individuals, not as projects.


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